Italia Soft

Cop’s and Lop’s faceplate.

Available for Linea Plus & Linea Elite Ranges Only

Soft 1 Ica Venus

Soft Blue 75mm


  • Types: 2 mm thick stainless / steel faceplate.
  • Widths: 75-96-185-200 mm.
  • Optional: plastic or zinc-coated plate for box.
  • Finishes: scotch brite or polished steel, satin or polished gold pvd, polished blue.
  • Fixing: by visible screws.
  • New fixing: by studs, without visible screws.
  • Suitable for DMX601/602/603 (led display) position indicator.
  • Suitable for touch push buttons in white (PUL900) and red/blue (PUL901).
  • Engraved push buttons’ legend.
  • Backlit / engraved logos and text on demand.
  • Available in customizable models.


Our push buttons must be cleaned only and exclusively with a COTTON RUG and WARM WATER !!!

Avoid every use of chemical substances, above all for plastic surfaces.

Most of Vega products are made in polycarbonate, ABS, methacrylate or Nylon 66. The use of many cleaning products with caustic soda, hydrocarbons, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, acetic acid, ethyl alcohol and methyl alcohol are strictly prohibited.