Landing and car operating panels with metal end caps.

Available for Linea Plus & Linea Elite Ranges Only

Aida 85

Aida 101 TFT

Aida 100

Aida 200

Aida Black 101

Aida Curve 65

Aida Curve 85

Aida 201 Icaro B Italo

Aida 101 Ulisse

Aida 65


Aida 2 65

  • Suitable for renovation.
  • 4 widths available (65, 85, 101, 201mm).
  • Fixing wall mounting, without cutting or patching.
  • Finishes in inox scotch brite, inox mirror, gold scotch brite, gold mirror.
  • Zamak, chrome or golden head kit.
  • Flat end caps (AIDA STANDARD) or curved (AIDA CURVE) are available for all types.
  • 1.2 mm thick st/st surface mount faceplate for 201 width.
  • 1 mm thick st/st surface mount faceplate for 65,85,101 width.
  • Optional AIDA with curved end caps (AIDA CURVE).


Our push buttons must be cleaned only and exclusively with a COTTON RUG and WARM WATER !!!

Avoid every use of chemical substances, above all for plastic surfaces.

Most of Vega products are made in polycarbonate, ABS, methacrylate or Nylon 66. The use of many cleaning products with caustic soda, hydrocarbons, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, acetic acid, ethyl alcohol and methyl alcohol are strictly prohibited.